Tuesday, June 30, 2015

31 Things you miss if you haven't Girlfriend

It all depends entirely on the girlfriend. But here I have collected most things you missed if you do not have real good love partner.

1. Soft smells from her hair, her skin, her extra set of clothes that she leaves in your closet.

2. Hugs, peekaboo-guess-who, kisses on the back of your neck when you're hard at work and forgot about the world around you for too long

3. Good cooking, or maybe good-morning coffee, or good takeout

4. Inspiration, shared jokes, mind-bending middle-of-the-night discussions

5. A buddy who'll hand you a tissue during the sad parts of your favorite movies

6. An enthusiastic fan of your career, your writing, your sense of humor, your (terrible) saxophone playing, your pickup games of basketball on Saturday mornings

7. A convert to your football team... at least on the weeks when her favourite team isn't playing yours

8. New music you didn't know about

9. Someone to tell about that new song you just heard... even if it's kinda cheesy she'll probably give it a try

10. Stories of her life before you

11. Someone to brag to, who loves listening to you brag

12. Whispered sweet nothings


13. A helper when you need a hand

14. Someone to help—who shows her appreciation in wild and wonderful ways, like cake when it's not your birthday

15. Tons of new experiences, new places to go, new foods to try, new friends to learn about, new authors and artists to consider, new lingerie to appreciate

16. Someone to grow into and grow comfortable with

17. Someone to tell secrets to... good ones and bad ones... without judgement

18. Tickling

19. Teasing

20. Phone calls when your boss isn't within earshot

21. Texts when your boss isn't looking

22. A hand to hold, and arms to hold you, when times are tough and you're not sure you can support your own weight any more

23. A perspective very different from your own, but meltingly familiar

24. Butterflies in your stomach

25. The gentle jealousy of being in a secure relationship with someone who's a "catch" in your eyes—yet your eyes are the only ones that count to her


26. Caressing

27. French kisses

28. Spooning

29. Someone to be insanely, animalistically, proud of at all times

30. Someone to be insanely, animalistically, protective of at all times

31. Someone to be insane and animalistic with. At any time.  :)

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