Tuesday, June 30, 2015

20 Things you should do at age around 20

1) Realise what you actually want to do.

By this time you would have completed your graduation, so be through if you want to
  • pursue Masters, Research
  • work in an MNC or in a Start-up
  • be an Entrepreneur etc.,

Just be through what you want to do in your life.

2) Read. Read a lot. And then again READ.

Fiction, Non-Fiction, Biographies, Science, History. Just lay your hands on anything and read it.

3) Have an impeccable command over English.

4) Learn how to cook.

5) Watch movies, quality movies.

Not just the Top 50 IMDB movie list, watch those as well which are 5-6 on IMDB.

6) Quit smoking, alcohol or any bad habits that you have. Say goodbye to it!

7) Workout. Run.
 Have a flat stomach and a decent physique.

8) Learn to wake-up early without an alarm

9) Communicate with strangers.

Get to know different people around you.

10) Learn a foreign language.

11) Help others. Help those who are in need. Sponsor at an NGO.

12) Fall in love and don't worry if you fail terribly at it. Learn to MOVE ON!

13) Love your parents. Love your family.  

They are the only ones who love you in this world. Learn this truth, the sooner the better.

14) Be an incredible friend. Oh, Watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

15) Learn to play a guitar, or any music instrument that you like.

16) Learn to live alone.

17) Start something, fail terribly at it! Start it over again!

18) Deactivate Facebook, uninstall Whatsapp.

Instead go out and make real friends, meet with real people, help those who are in need of it instead of liking the photos and statuses, you also know that it won't help.

19) Learn to forgive. But not to forget.

20) Love your life. Be selflessly self-centered! Be crazy!

All the best!

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